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We are dedicated to helping you thrive. From eating, to helping your smile shine, your teeth are one of the most vital parts of your body. Unfortunately, many people in Denver neglect proper oral maintenance until it’s too late. With preventative dental care, your mouth will remain healthy for years to come. Preventative dental care includes teeth cleanings, X-rays, and sealants for children and adults. Through education and prevention, we guide our patients through their best options for maintaining a healthy smile. As a provider of family dentistry, we pride ourselves on knowing your entire family is on the road to healthy dental care.

Proper dental care shouldn’t be confusing or done on an assembly line. No one likes being treated like a number. Our team is staffed by individuals who feel the same and are committed to providing the quality care you and your family deserve. Reach out to us today and schedule your appointment at our Sloan’s Lake dentist office.

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Meet Our Team

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Dr. Bryant

Dr. David Bryant, originally from Golden, Colorado, brings a diverse background to his dental practice. After completing his undergraduate studies at St. Leo University in Florida, he returned to his roots to pursue his Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) degree from the University of Colorado. Following his formal education, Dr. Bryant further honed his skills through a post-graduate residency in Alamosa, Colorado, where he received specialized training in Advanced Education in General Dentistry (AEGD) from Lutheran Medical Center.

Throughout his career, Dr. Bryant has demonstrated a commitment to serving diverse communities. He has provided dental care to patients at the University of Colorado and the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless. Additionally, he has dedicated several years to serving on the board of the Howard Dental Center, a non-profit HIV/AIDS clinic to give back to his community.

Outside of dentistry, Dr. Bryant leads an active lifestyle. He finds solace and rejuvenation through practicing yoga and indulges his passion for learning by listening to a variety of engaging podcasts. As a devoted dog person, Dr. Bryant cherishes spending time with his beloved poodles. He also enjoys ice hockey (Go Pios!), and exploring the picturesque landscapes of the mountains in his free time.


Cintia, originally from Mexico, brings a unique perspective and passion to her work in dental health. Her dedication to helping people feel confident in their smiles is rooted in her close-knit family values. Cintia not only excels in her profession but also outside of work where she loves to play baseball and hike in the great outdoors. When not practicing dental artistry, she enjoys spending quality time with her loved ones.


Morgan is a Colorado native born in raised in Wheat Ridge. She has always had a passion helping people ever since her time volunteering at the YMCA. She always puts out positive energy and loves helping guide people to their best options for their smiles.

When Morgan isn’t playing basketball, she enjoys teaching her puppy new tricks, dramatic movies, and interactive visual arts. Her favorite movie currently is the Great Gatsby.


Faith is from Golden Colorado. She graduated from her dental assisting program and joined the South Shore Dental team straight out of her externship. She entered the dental arena due to her curiosity about her own teeth. She takes great joy in helping people improve their smiles to build their confidence. When she's not working on smiles, Faith loves checking out the local food seen. Her favorite food is pho, which she gets whenever the temperature starts to drop. She also loves watching anime with her friends, and going to local fairs.

Roland (Our Therapy Dog)

The dental anxiety some people get inspired Roland to get his therapy dog certification. He has visited senior homes, elementary schools, and now makes regular visits to South Shore Dental. Outside of his therapy dog work, he enjoys hikes in the mountains, removing squeakers from toys, and playing fetch. If you'd like your dental appointment to include a visit with the therapy dog, please let us know. And yes, he's hypoallergenic.


Meet Lara, our passionate dental hygienist hailing from the vibrant landscapes of New Mexico. With dentistry flowing in her veins, thanks to her father, Lara's journey into oral care began with a strong foundation of family tradition and expertise.

Beyond her commitment to dental health, Lara's zest for life extends to her love for spicy cuisine, where she savors the flavors of her native New Mexico. When she's not cleaning smiles and coaching oral hygiene, you'll often find Lara immersed in the pages of a captivating book or exploring the rugged terrains of nature through hiking trails.

But it's not all about teeth and trails for Lara—she's also an avid golfer, finding solace and challenge on the green. With a combination of precision, care, and a touch of adventure, Lara embodies the essence of our practice—dedicated to enhancing smiles and enriching lives, both in and out of the dental chair.


Ruby's fascination with teeth blossomed from her own transformative experience with braces. Growing up in a bustling household, Ruby cherishes the moments spent with her large family, bonding over shared meals and lively conversations.

When she's not brightening smiles, you'll find Ruby indulging in the simple joys of life, enjoying leisurely walks on beautiful days. With a passion for both dental care and family connections, Ruby brings warmth and compassion to our practice, embodying the essence of community and well-being.

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