Crowns & Bridges

Dental Crowns

When your tooth has extensive decay, fractures, cracks, or large fillings, a crown might be your best restorative option. A crown (also known as a cap) is permanently placed over a tooth to restore its function, shape, strength, and improve its appearance. Dental crowns are used to repair or preserve a tooth from breaking, or restore one that’s already broken. 

There are several materials to select from.  While we like the long term wear and biocompatibility of gold, we love the strength and realistic esthetics of tooth-colored zirconia. We are happy to guide you through the options. 

Dental Bridges

A dental bridge is used to replace one or more missing teeth with lab-fabricated artificial teeth. These restorations allow you to correct “holes” in your smile and can literally bridge the gap between your remaining teeth. Replacing missing teeth can help to maintain the shape of your face as well as prevent further dental issues by keeping your remaining teeth in their correct alignment. Ask Dr. Bryant if a bridge is the right option for you!


1) Remove any decay
2) Fill in any holes or voids
3) Trim and shape tooth to allow space for crown
4) Upload virtual 3D model of teeth to local lab
5) Place temporary restoration until lab has completed new customized crown (or bridge).

World-Class Dental Services in Denver

At South Shore Dental, we pride ourselves in providing exceptional dental services to the Denver area. Whether you’re in need of dental bridges, crowns, or are simply looking for a family practitioner to provide you with examinations and routine cleanings, you can find what you’re looking for by coming to Dr. Bryant and his team of dental specialists. We are also proud to be a green practice, meaning we make it a point to reduce, reuses, recycle, and comply with environmental laws and regulations. For more information or to schedule an appointment, feel free contact us to speak with one of our knowledgeable staff members or click here to schedule an appointment.

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