Broken Fillings

At South Shore Dental, we believe that proper dental care shouldn’t be confusing or done on an assembly line. No one likes being treated like a number, and our team is committed to providing the quality care you and your family deserve. That is why when you come in with any sort of dental issue, we will help! Even with an uncommon dental condition like a broken filling.

While rare, a broken filling has many different potential causes. These include:

How can I prevent a broken filling?

The best dental protection for any dental condition is to attend your regular dental checkups. These allow your dentist to inspect your dental hygiene habits and any dental fillings, implants, or bridges to ensure they are staying structurally strong and effective. To prevent sudden, unexpected damage to your filling, use of a night guard or mouth guard is critical. A night guard can prevent damage from unconscious tooth grinding that may occur while you sleep, and a mouth guard helps prevent immediate blunt trauma injuries during high-risk events like sports.

My dental filling is already broken. What should I do?

Good news! At South Shore Dental, a broken filling is an incredibly easy fix. Call us as soon as your filling is broken to schedule an appointment. Depending on the damage, a crown possibly can be recemented, but fillings can never be reused, so the sooner the appointment is scheduled, the better.

Call (720) 361-2815 today to schedule an appointment with our amazing staff! 

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