Partial Dentures in Denver, CO

We Can Restore Your Smile (And Your Bite)

Holes in your smile can impact a person in many ways. Between eating and social interaction, many people don’t realize how heavily we rely on our teeth until we lose them. But there’s no need to live in discomfort or fear of embarrassment.  A partial can restore confidence and functionality to your life.  Dr. Bryant specializes in partial dentures, which are a removable appliance to replace replacing missing teeth. 

How We Create Your Customized Partials

Looking to replace missing teeth? We offer customized removable prosthetics. This tried and true dental solution offers an easy procedure with simple to maintain oral hygiene post-procedure.

Step 1: Impressions

The first step is preliminary impressions which are used to evaluate the size of your mouth and create custom trays tailored specifically for you! We then create a new and significantly more accurate set of final impressions with these custom trays.  This commitment to accuracy lets us guarantee a great fitting appliance. 

Step 2: Measuring Your Bite

We then customize your prosthesis by measuring the size of your bite and picking a tooth color that matches your teeth.  After this, we will be able to test your unfinished partial.  At this point, it is mostly wax, but you can actually see how the teeth in your new smile are shaping up.

Step 3: Delivering Your Denture

Lastly, your final appointment will be your partial delivery. There are typically a few adjustment appointments afterward, but you’re now ready to smile, talk, and eat again!

The Benefits of Partial Dentures

One of the biggest benefits of partial denture is the improved hygiene they allow.  Since the appliance is removable, it allows you to floss and brush your natural teeth more easily. Partial dentures are also not to be slept in, instead, they must be cleaned every night and set aside for morning, which contributes to better oral health. 

Are You Nervous About False Teeth?

Dr. Bryant  is dedicated to providing his patients with high-quality partials. As experts in creating reliable, aesthetic, authentic-looking partial dentures in Denver, CO, we guarantee to restore the beauty to your smile! We get to know each of our patients personally and work with them to find the perfect dental solution for their needs.  Let us use our years of dental experience to restore your smile.  

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