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Dental Exams & Teeth Cleaning

Photo of Dental ExamRegular dental exams and teeth cleanings are important for your mouth and overall health. At South Shore Dental, our expert team will discuss any concerns you may have and how best to address them. We will consider how diet, oral hygiene habits, or other lifestyle factors can affect oral health. We recommend routine visits to our Denver office at least twice a year. Your frequent visits are key to detecting problems as early as possible.

Your oral health is just as important as the health of any other part of your body. Proper oral healthcare is vital for healthy living. When your teeth have cavities, waiting and letting the problem sit will almost certainly result in a worsening of the condition, and necessitate more extreme dental solutions. 


We recommend regular¬†teeth cleanings and oral examsfor several reasons. Not only can cleanings improve bad breath and keep your smile healthy, they can also help improve other health factors. Your mouth’s health can affect diabetes and blood sugar, infant birth weight, and the inflammation in cardiovascular disease. Many of our Denver patients don’t realize just how important oral health is which is why we are here to not only help you, but educate you on how to keep your oral health in a good place.

While we work hard to make your appointment worth-while, the work is on you when you leave our office. We want to instill great oral health habits in our Denver patients, but no improvement will occur without good habits put to practice. We want your visits to get better each time!


ToothbrushAs mentioned, many other health issues can be worsened due to a lack of good oral health. Our recommendation for your visit frequency will depend on each assessment we have with you. Each patient is an individual and no one solution will work for all our patients. We take your specific needs in to consideration so we can get you to a great place with your goal health.

Much of the feedback each of our Denver patients get does depend on how their individual teeth cleanings go. Some of what you may be reminded to do is brush twice daily, floss one or two times daily, and possibly supplement further with mouth wash after brushing and flossing. These steps, while they may seem common, truly are important for oral health and often, not all are put to practice.

For some, flossing is one of those least favorite tasks. But is by far one of the most necessary to keep your gum health in check and prevent inflammation and tenderness in your gums. Many try to steer clear of teeth cleanings due to gum discomfort, but the only way to resolve the issue is to floss. Whatever we advise for your oral health recommendations, we assure you, is necessary and will help!

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