Oral Surgery

Oral surgery is treatment that repairs problematic symptoms or conditions of the mouth or jaws. Most oral surgery procedures are performed to relieve pain, treat an infection, restore function of the jaw, or improve a person’s mouth and smile.

At our Denver office, Dr. Bryant performs various types of oral surgery procedures including:

Oral surgery procedures are quite common. They can range from simple to complex but most are easily performed in the comfort of the dental suite.

Nitrous Sedation

Dental anxiety is one of the most common reasons that millions of patients avoid going to the dentist. Part of our commitment to our community is to provide lifetime care and to make sure that each patient is comfortable and relaxed from the moment they walk through our door. We have a variety of tools that help us relieve our patients’ anxieties (including our awesome therapy dogs!)

For oral surgery, as well as our other office procedures, we are happy to offer our patients nitrous oxide (laughing gas) to help ease any anxiety. Nitrous oxide is a safe and effective sedative agent that helps you relax. It is inhaled through a small mask that fits snugly over your nose. The effects of the gas wear off quickly once the mask is removed. Feel free to discuss the options with our team at any time.

How to Prepare for Oral Surgery

Preparing for oral surgery helps ensure recovery goes smoothly and you recover as quickly and completely as possible. Each individual and every situation is different so Dr. Bryant will help guide you on the best way to prepare for your surgery. In general, you’ll likely need someone to drive you on the day of your procedure and plan to give yourself a few days to recover after your oral surgery. Try to take care of any pressing need at home in advance of  your surgery so you can have a few days just to relax and heal afterward.

Here are few tips to help you prepare

Whatever the reason or type of oral surgery you need, you can trust that your health and comfort are our priority here at South Shore Dental in Denver. Call today for a consultation!

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