Dental Care During Pregnancy

Congratulations, (now you’re flossing for two)! There is a lot of information to sort through when you are expecting. 

Maintaining optimal dental health is important for you and your child. A baby’s development and healthy birth weight is directly affected by mom’s gum health. In fact, baby’s teeth are beginning to form in the 2nd trimester. Remember to brush twice a day, clean between teeth with floss, drink water with fluoride to help keep your own teeth and gums at peak health.

Pregnant Women are Prone to Gingivitis

Around 60-75% of pregnant women have gingivitis thanks to the crazy amounts of hormones they have running through their bodies during pregnancy. Gingivitis, the inflammation of the gums, occurs when plaque builds-up around the teeth. Unfortunately, this can lead to periodontitis and eventually the loss of teeth if not taken care of.  Although it’s unclear why, periodontitis is often associated with low birth weights, preterm delivery and other poor pregnancy outcomes. So your regular dental visits during pregnancy are important.

Bacteria in Mom can be Transferred to Baby

Being pregnant is a beautiful miracle of life, baby and mom are sharing so much during the pregnancy, but oral bacteria doesn’t need to be one of them. Evidence shows that the oral health of a baby can be linked back to the bacteria the mom has in her mouth. Excess bacteria in a mother’s mouth can enter the bloodstream through the gums and travel to the uterus, causing certain chemicals called prostaglandins. Prostaglandins are often thought to induce premature labor. 

Dental Routines Often Take a Back Burner

We all know mommies-to-be can feel exhausted. Hormones, unfortunately, contribute to feeling worn out. Sometimes brushing and flossing are the last thing on an expectant mother’s mind. However, the risk of complications during pregnancy and future dental problems for the newborn can all be reduced if mom continues to brush and floss regularly while also keeping up routine cleanings.

Good Nutrition is So Important

Good nutrition is important for so many reasons during pregnancy, including for oral health. Balanced meals high in calcium and low in sugar and acidity will keep mom’s oral cavity healthy and strong. Regular cleaning and checkups with Dr. Bryant at South Shore Dental will also ensure mom and baby will have happy, healthy mouths from day one. 

Dental Visits During Pregnancy

It’s important to keep up with your dental care, including your routine cleaning and exam appointments, during pregnancy. Be sure to let your dentist know that you are pregnant as there are certain antibiotics that must be avoided when pregnant. 

There are still plenty of options for safe dental care, and local anesthetics and acetaminophen are safe to use when needed.

Just remember…if you’re pregnant, dental care is important, your baby’s oral health depends on you. If you make oral health a priority you are more likely to avoid complications during pregnancy and dental problems for your little one down the road. 

We are here to help! Call Dr. Bryant in Sloan’s Lake to set up your appointment today! He and his team will set you up with a plan to keep you and your little one’s teeth healthy, strong and beautiful.

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