Preventive Dentistry

Dr. Bryant and the team here at South Shore Dental believe in creating lasting relationships with the entire family. Our patients are not just a number, but individuals that make up our community. We want to help our patients enjoy a lifetime of beautiful healthy smiles. And one way we do that is through routine preventative dentistry.

Routine Cleanings & Exams

It is recommended that all individuals over the age of one year old, have a routine cleaning roughly every six months to maintain or improve one’s oral health and keep that smile nice and bright.

A professional dental cleaning reinforces your daily at-home routine of brushing and flossing that is essential to good oral and overall health. Additionally, when you come into our Denver office for your cleanings, Dr. Bryant can examine your mouth and identify any areas that may need special care and attention.

Anxious About Going to the Dentist?

You’re not alone which is why we make all visits including preventive cleanings as comfortable and relaxing as possible. Dr. Bryant is one of the only dentists in Denver to incorporate the use of hypoallergenic, therapy dogs to calm the fears and anxieties that are all too common when it comes to dentist visits. Does that put a smile on your face? It does ours!

What to Expect During a Routine Exam at the Dentist

  • A review and update of your medical history, with special attention to any heart conditions, diabetes, pregnancy, infectious disease and or medications that may affect your oral health.

  • Evaluation of the health of your gums

  • Screening for signs of oral cancer

  • Digital dental X-rays to identify decay, infection or other abnormalities

  • Deep cleaning to remove tartar and plaque buildup around your teeth

  • Application of fluoride if needed and desired

  • Polishing of teeth, fillings and crowns

  • Application of sealants if necessary

Reminders and review of proper brushing, flossing and nutrition are also conducted during routine cleanings and exams. Restorative options, treatment for periodontal (gum) concerns and overall dental hygiene can also be discussed with the dentist and hygienist before the end of your visit.

Proper dental care shouldn’t be confusing or done on an assembly line. No one likes being treated like a number. Our team is committed to providing the quality care you and your family deserve.

Contact South Shore Dental today to schedule your routine dental cleaning and see for yourself what makes us stand apart as one of the best dental offices in Denver.

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