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Dentures & False Teeth

DenturesA traditional method for replacing multiple missing teeth are removable prosthetics like dentures and partials. This tried and true dental solution is easy, customizable, and simple to maintain. They are designed to be comfortable and fully functional, allowing you to once again enjoy simple daily tasks like smiling, talking, and eating. If you are missing one or multiple teeth, dentures or partials may be right for you! Reach out to South Shore Dental and ask Dr. Bryant about your tooth replacement options. 

Why Choose Dentures?

Our dentists are dedicated to creating high-quality dentures to restore the beauty to your smile. We can create full or partial dentures to fit perfectly in any mouth. With dentures from South Shore, you’ll have normalcy returned to you, orally. The impact dentures can have on a person’s life is huge, and lets patients functionally use all their teeth, while giving them a denture that is easily applicable and cleanable.

Fully Customized Dentures for Each Patient

Some patients can be nervous about the implications of false teeth. Our dentists are experts in creating reliable, authentic looking dentures that will restore the beauty to your smile! Because no two mouths are alike, we create dentures specifically shaped to each individual patient.

Our focus is customer care. From our office to our therapy dog, Roland, we do everything we can to make our patients feel comfortable, at-easy, and relaxed. Dentist visits can be stressful, so our dentists do everything they can to make the experience as easy as possible for all our patients.

Contact South Shore Dental High Quality Dentures

We are dedicated to serving our patients. When you reach out to South Shore Dental for full or partial dentures, you can be assured you’re receiving the best patient care in Denver. We get to know each of our patients personally, and work with you to find the right dental solution, whether that’s fillings, implants, dentures or more. Let us use our years of dental experience to restore your smile to its full vitality.

Losing teeth can impact a person in many ways. Between eating, and social interaction, many people don’t realize how heavily we rely on our teeth until we lose them. However, there’s no need to live in discomfort. A full set of clean, shining dentures can restore confidence and functionality to your life. We offer both partial and full dentures to patients in Denver from our Sloan’s Lake dentist office. Contact us for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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